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Executive Director, 434-260-1533
Brian Wheeler was hired as Charlottesville Tomorrow's first Executive Director in July 2005.  Mr. Wheeler has lived in the Charlottesville-Albemarle region since 1984. Mr. Wheeler helped launch a unique partnership with The Daily Progress ...
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Community Engagement & Marketing Specialist, 434-260-1076
Dan Hennicke joined Charlottesville Tomorrow in the summer of 2012.  Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Dan has been a resident of Charlottesville for nearly twelve years. Dan attended the University of Missouri where he earned ...
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News Intern, 434-218-0370
Emily Berg is a junior Math and Economics major at Williams College. She is from Charlottesville, VA, and will be concentrating on stories related to growth and development this summer for Charlottesville Tomorrow. She will ...
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News Intern, 434-202-4139
Michelle Delgado is a fourth year English and American Studies major at the University of Virginia. She is from Leesburg, VA, and will primarily be covering education issues this summer for Charlottesville Tomorrow. She recently ...
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News Intern, 434-260-1636
Reuben Jones went to Charlottesville High School before going on to complete his undergraduate work at George Mason University, where he majored in American Government and minored in Journalism. After graduating in 2013, Reuben is ...
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Senior Reporter, 434-260-0763
Sean Tubbs is Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Senior Reporter focusing on stories related to growth, development and local politics.  Mr. Tubbs joined Charlottesville Tomorrow in 2007 as its first Program Officer. Now Charlottesville Tomorrow's Senior ...
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Education Reporter, 434-260-1573
Tim Shea is Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Education Reporter covering K-12 public education in Charlottesville-Albemarle.  Mr. Shea first joined Charlottesville Tomorrow as an intern in September 2012. Mr. Shea has been recognized by the Virginia Press ...
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CVille Poll
The Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association's request to downzone parts of that community came before the Charlottesville Planning Commission last Tuesday - and got shot down. The Planning Commission voted 3-1 to recommend that City Council deny the rezoning. According ...
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