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City government
City Council Meeting
Monday, December 03
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Charlottesville City Hall, City Council chambers
605 E. Main St
Charlottesville VA, 22902
Clerk's office: 434-970-3113
City Hall Info: 434-970-3333
(Items removed from the consent agenda will be considered at the end of the regular agenda.)
a. Minutes for November 19
b. APPROPRIATION: FY2012 Year-End Appropriation (2nd of 2 readings)
c. APPROPRIATION: 2012 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) - $28,386
(2nd of 2 readings)
d. APPROPRIATION: Federal Realty Sponsorship Agreement – Police Patrols at Barracks Road Shopping
Center - $30,000 (2nd of 2 readings)
e. APPROPRIATION: Charlottesville Area Transit Project – Landscape Performance Bond Release -
$13,621.86 (2nd of 2 readings)
f. APPROPRIATION: Appropriation of FY 2013 Transit Grants $30,153 (CIP), $219,728 (Operating grants),
and $513,713 (JAUNT) (2nd of 2 readings)
g. APPROPRIATION: Runaway Emergency Shelter Program Grant - $212,444 (2nd of 2 readings)
h. APPROPRIATION: 2013 Department of Motor Vehicles Virginia Highway Safety Grant - $18,975
(2nd of 2 readings)
i. APPROPRIATION: Reimbursement to City for COMCAST Celebrate 250! Donation - $5,000
(2nd of 2 readings)
j. APPROPRIATION: Albemarle County Reimbursement for the Gordon Avenue Library Masonry Project -
$3,452.25 (1st of 2 readings)
k. APPROPRIATION: Albemarle County Reimbursement for the Central Library Elevator Replacement Project
$8,906 (1st of 2 readings)
l. APPROPRIATION: Aid to Localities Fire Disbursement Fund - $116,218 (1st of 2 readings)
RESOLUTION: Appropriation of Funds for the Human Services Planner - $63,766 (1st of 2 readings) and
Resolution to Dissolve the Commission on Children and Families (1st of 1 reading)
n. RESOLUTION: Dominion Power Easement Across Darden Towe Park (1st of 1 reading)
o. ORDINANCE: Abandonment of Gas Easement near Dunlora Subdivision (2nd of 2 readings)
p. ORDINANCE: Ivy Creek Natural Area Tenant House Lease Agreement (2nd of 2 readings)
q. ORDINANCE: Zoning Text Amendment – Medical Labs (1st of 2 readings)
r. ORDINANCE: Zoning Text Amendment Request for BAR housekeeping code changes
(1st of 2 readings)
2. PUBLIC HEARING/REPORT - Noise Ordinance Update
3. PUBLIC HEARING/ RESOLUTION* - The Plaza on Main Street Special Use Permit (SUP) for Increased Density & Height
(1st of 1 reading)
4. PUBLIC HEARING/ ORDINANCE* - Abandon Gas Easement on Whitewood Road (1st of 2 readings)
5. REPORT Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Guidelines and Long Term (FY 2014-2018) Financial Forecast
7. REPORT Strategic Action Team Interim Update
Approval of Purchase Agreement (1st of 1 reading)
Appropriation of Funds for Purchase (1st of 2 readings)
Clerk's office: 434-970-3113
City Hall Info: 434-970-3333
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