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City government
Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review
Tuesday, August 15
5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

A. Matters from the public not on the agenda (please limit to 3 minutes)

B. New Items
1.     Rapid Flashing Beacons in Historic Districts

2.    Certificate of Appropriateness Application
BAR 17-08-04
525 Valley Road
Tax Parcel 110043000
John Butler, Owner/Applicant
Minor Exterior Renovations

3.     Certificate of Appropriateness Application
BAR 17-08-10
406 Altamont Street
Tax Parcel 330150000
Robert Troxell, Owner/Applicant
Tree Removal

4.     Certificate of Appropriateness Application           
BAR 16-12-03
1600 Grady Avenue
Tax Parcel 050110000
Neighborhood Investments-PC, LP, Owner/ Henningsen Kestner Architects, Inc, applicant
Landscape Plan

C. New Construction

5.     Preliminary Discussion
BAR 17-08-02
Belmont Bridge
Public Right of Way, Tax Map 53 and 58
City of Charlottesville, Owner/Applicant
Belmont Bridge Design

6.     Preliminary Discussion
BAR 17-08-01
230 West Main Street
Tax Parcel 280001000
Taliaferro Junction LLC, Owner/ Fred Wolf, Applicant
Ice Park Arena Redevelopment

D.        Adjournment  


Charlottesville City Hall, City Council chambers
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Charlottesville VA, 22902
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Clerk's office: 434-970-3113
City Hall Info: 434-970-3333
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