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Should Albemarle County Schools make it a priority to change locks on classroom doors?
Monday, February 03, 2014 at 11:53 a.m.

As we reported last week, currently in Albemarle County schools, 70 percent of the classrooms can only be locked from the hallway side of the door.  That’s almost 600 classroom doors that many teachers leave unlocked, a potential problem in the event of an emergency.

The cost to replace the current locks with “intruder locks” division-wide is estimated to be $150,000.  Given that this cost is not in the current budget and would require new revenues or reprioritization of other projects...

Should Albemarle County Schools make changing the locks a priority?


Yes, make it a priority.  We should value children and teacher safety.


No.  In these tough budget times the priorities are elsewhere.  Replace the locks when funding is available.


I'm not sure.  Tell me more about where the money will come from. 

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