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Do you support downzoning in the Fry's Spring neighborhood?
Monday, August 18, 2014 at 9:32 a.m.

The Fry's Spring Neighborhood Association's request to downzone parts of that community came before the Charlottesville Planning Commission last Tuesday - and got shot down. The Planning Commission voted 3-1 to recommend that City Council deny the rezoning.

According to Missy Creasy, the city's planning manager, the proposed amendment would rezone 356 parcels in the area. If City Council grants the rezoning, no new duplexes or single-family attached homes could be built in the area. However, existing duplexes would be OK unless the structure was destroyed and not rebuilt in the exact same manner.

Many members of the public attended the meeting to voice their opinions and opinions on both sides of the issue were heard. Some community members argued that the downzoning would encroach on property rights, while others said it would protect the area's character and encourage more property owners to live in the neighborhood.

The rezoning is expected to come before City Council at a meeting in September.

YES - I support Fry's Spring downzoning?

I think downzoning will protect the character of the neighborhood by preventing dense development.

NO - I DO NOT support Fry's Spring downzoning

I think downzoning will encroach on property rights and hurt property owners.

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