Albemarle schools will require all teachers and staff either be vaccinated or submit weekly negative COVID tests

All Albemarle County Public School employees will be required this year to either show proof they have received a COVID-19 vaccination or submit to weekly testing.

The county School Board passed an ordinance Thursday evening giving Superintendent Matt Haas the go-ahead to collect vaccination records for all staff — something that the district did not previously have.

“We’ll be getting that started within a week from now so we can have accurate records on who is vaccinated and who is not,” Haas said. “And at that point, we will begin reaching out to those who are not vaccinated to start the process of getting their weekly tests.”

The move comes one day after Albemarle County announced it would require the same of all county employees and one week after Gov. Ralph Northam announced a similar mandate for all state employees. 

Charlottesville City Schools also enacted the same requirement on Aug. 6, the day after the governor’s announcement.

In Charlottesville, school employees have until Sept. 1 to show proof of vaccination, or they will be required to submit regular negative COVID tests.