Democrat Bob Fenwick is a candidate for the Charlottesville City Council.  Two of the five seats on council will be determined in the November 5 general election. Other candidates in this race include: Michael Farruggio (R); Kristin Szakos (D); and Buddy Weber (R).

Each candidate was interviewed by Charlottesville Tomorrow and asked 10 questions about their qualifications, priorities and important quality of life issues.  Included in the box at the right are links to the full transcript and audio recording of those interviews (also available on iTunes).

Highlights of all the candidate responses are available in this downloadable 2013 Voter Guide.

Bio: After traveling around the world as an Army officer I settled in Charlottesville when my wife attended UVA Law School.  My boys attended Charlottesville Public Schools from Burnley Moran thru Charlottesville High School and I continued my construction business, specializing in renovation of old houses.  When my boys left the house to start their careers I became involved in the civic and political life of the city.  I was concerned that the city seemed to be losing its focus on ‘community’ and its reliance on finding solutions to governmental problems from a balanced representation of all citizens.

Education: B.S. Physics, Georgetown Univ., Graduate and Undergraduate study, Construction Management and Civil Engineering, at George Washington School of Engineering, Wash. DC

Occupation: General Construction Contractor

Previous Political Experience: Campaigned twice as Independent Candidate for Charlottesville City Council

Age on Election Day: 68

Neighborhood or area of residence: Martha Jefferson neighborhood

Family: Captain Austin Fenwick, US Army JAG Corps, serving somewhere in Afghanistan (can’t tell me) and Captain Ross Fenwick, US Army Corps of Engineers, veteran of Afghanistan, currently enrolled in Engineering Advanced Class, Fort Leonard Wood, MO.

Other interests and experiences:

    Hobbies: Writer, editor, reporter and videographer.

    Civic Activities: Member, Believers and Achievers, an ex-felon peer support group; founder of Rick Shaw, a cartage service for city market shoppers provided by youngsters from Friendship Court; organizer for Cash Mob, a small business promoter; founder of Virginia Video Festival, a venue for introducing the community to novice film makers and participants in front of or behind the cameras; member of several community organizations advocating for common sense solutions to common problems (water supply, park preservation, environmental stewardship, small business education, city government responsiveness); Vice President Austro Environmental and Health Foundation.

    Military Service: 7 years in US Army, Corps of Engineers, served one year in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam (Pleiku, An Khe) with the 4th Infantry Division as Brigade Engineer and a Combat Engineer Company Commander.


Telephone: (434) 981-2298