David Brown

As part of Charlottesville Tomorrow’s coverage of the 2007 local
elections for City Council and the Board of Supervisors, we have
interviewed each candidate to discuss topics related to land use,
transportation, and community design issues.

Excerpts from these interviews will be included in our upcoming
non-partisan 2007 Voter Guide which will be mailed to each household
with one of these races on the ballot.  In the meantime, we are
publishing the complete audio recordings and transcripts of our

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website for even more detailed information on the candidates including,
bios, campaign finance reports, other videos and podcasts, and the
schedule of upcoming candidate forums.

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    1:22 — Past experiences and qualifications.

    2:14 — Views on the community water supply plan.

    3:30 — Financial impact on ratepayers to update and expand water and sewer facilities.

    4:21 — How would you define quality growth for our community?

    4:57 — Do you support the Meadowcreek Parkway?

    6:03 — Overall transportation priorities for the City of Charlottesville.

    7:05 — Views on working more closely with the County and University of Virginia to jointly operate a regional transit system.

    9:19 — What is missing in Downtown’s retail sector and what might City Council do about it?

    11:24 — What needs to be done to address economic sustainability
    and what role should government play to promote economic vitality?

    12:44 — Evaluation of City resources and their ability to achieve objectives in its strategic plan.

    14:56 — Do you believe that Biscuit Run will be quality growth for our community?

    16:24 — Top priority for action by City Council.

    18:15 — What steps will you take to ensure priority transportation
    projects are actually funded and completed in a reasonable timeframe?

    19:51 — How do you characterize the level of cooperation between
    the City and the University and where will you seek to make changes?

    21:39 — Do you support ordinances changes that would allow
    nine-story buildings only with a special use permit in the downtown

    22:55 — Priorities for improving the City’s public recreational facilities and urban green spaces.

    23:54 — Primary responsibilities of the City Council.

Kendall Singleton and Sean Tubbs