On March 5, 2006, Republicans in the City of Charlottesville held a nominating convention at the Charlottesville General District Court to select their slate of candidates for the May 2006 City Council Election.  Rob Schilling was the only candidate nominated and he received his party’s nomination to seek re-election to Charlottesville City Council.

This recording by

Charlottesville Tomorrow

provides complete coverage of the nominating convention.

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    00:57 — Call to order by

    Bob Hodous

    , Charlottesville Republican Party Chairman

    04:30 —

    John Pfaltz

    nominates Rob Schilling

    09:33 —

    Charles “Buddy” Weber

    seconds the nomination of Rob Schilling

    18:00 —

    Rob Schilling’s

    acceptance speech

    28:28 — Convention chair

    Bob Hodous

    accepts a motion to close nominations and accept Mr. Schilling as the Republican candidate for Charlottesville City Council

Brian Wheeler