The Albemarle County Planning Commission reviewed current plans for Adelaide, a housing development project on Rt. 250 west of the Blue Ridge Shopping Center, at its February 22 meeting in what is called a workshop, meaning that no vote is taken but a developer can find out what the commission’s likely reaction will be. Developer Kyle Redinger learned that the 93-unit project he proposes needs to be “primarily” detached single-family houses. Currently his plan contains only attached units.
County planner Meghan Yanglos asked the commission to comment on three questions: what should the project’s density be; does the Crozet Master Plan call for lower density in this location; and what percentage of the project should be detached single-family houses. The plan calls for “neighborhood density residential,” which is ‘primarily detached single-family units’ for the site, she said.
She said that county planning staffers do not agree that the density should be low, but do think that at least 50 percent of the units should be detached.