Charlottesville Tomorrow is now on the map — YOUR MOBILE MAP. 

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Qork (now Blockfeed), a technology startup which launched in January with a sleek mobile interface for exploring links to community news and events.

Now you can find Charlottesville Tomorrow’s news and events NEAR YOU. 

Qork’s mobile application allows you to explore our content in a new and exciting way.  You can find important news, share what’s happening in a place, start conversations and engage the community.

“Qork users can also create their own content, upvote or downvote items and determine which local stories go viral,” said Brian Wheeler, executive director of Charlottesville Tomorrow.

“Qork is all about creating a dedicated platform for local content,” said Ben Goldman, co-founder of Qork. “Our local partners program allows us to instantly connect users to their local area’s best content in a single place.”

At Charlottesville Tomorrow, the integration with Qork comes with the release of other new features in our online news platform.

Introduction to Qork

“We have been tagging our news and events with locations for more than three years, and now with Qork we have a mobile platform that makes it possible to navigate that content on an interactive map and news feed,” said Wheeler. “The investment we made in organizing our data around places in the community has now paid off.  Charlottesville gets to be an early adopter of Qork joining big cities like New York, San Francisco, DC, Chicago, Boston and Austin.”

Download the app and tell us what you think! Vote on our stories or create your own.

Qork’s applications are available for download in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

Update July 27, 2015: Qork is now Blockfeed

More mapping power on the website too

Thanks to the support from our readers, we are also getting started on some of our planned website enhancements for 2015.  Charlottesville Tomorrow’s new PLACES MODULE (now on the website menu bar) allows you to view news by location.  Look for additional links beneath maps in each news story to see other news about that place. 

Combined with our topical categories, you can now drill down to specific neighborhoods, developments, road projects and parks.


Take a tour of our Charlottesville land use topic, now with an interactive map of key places.

Take a tour of the Crozet area topic and key places we have covered there.

These are a few of the places on our Crozet news map
Stay tuned for more news maps coming soon!