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Each Friday from 9-10 AM, tune in to hear area journalists and guests discuss local news, culture, and community issues in the Charlottesville area. Whether we’re talking about city politics, scientific innovations, or the local music scene, you’ll get to hear in-depth discussion about stories that matter.

Soundboard is co-hosted by Jennifer Marley and WTJU’s Lewis Reining.

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The November 2 show features contributors Graelyn Brashear & Laura Ingles (from C-Ville Weekly), and Sean Tubbs (from Charlottesville Tomorrow) discussing:

    Childcare in Charlottesville, including less expensive options and how providers are improving care

    Governor Gerard Baliles, from the UVA Miller Center, and Jody Kielbasa, from the Virginia Film Festival, preview some special events this weekend

    Giles Morris, from C-Ville Weekly, discusses the upcoming movie, Lincoln, filmed in nearby Richmond

    The new stonefield development opens for a press tour

    Talks of transforming The Coner into a plaza or arts and innovation

    Charlottesville nears a decision on creating a Human Rights Commission

    The trials and tribulations our veterans face as they return home from service and look to enter the workforce

Soundboard is produced by Robert Packard and Nathan Moore. We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to your feedback!