Vinegar Hill Theatre closed its doors on Sunday after 37 years in business. The decision came suddenly, just 6 days before closure. This was written as preparations were being made for the final weekend, and by the time you read this Vinegar Hill will be gone.

The major reason that Vinegar Hill Theatre closed is that it wasn’t able to show enough financially successful films anymore. Though I managed the business, the booking of films was not my responsibility. Visulite Cinemas owner, Adam Greenbaum, and a booking agent named Jeffrey Jacobs who works with many small theaters across the East coast, handled the Vinegar Hill film programming.
Charlottesville is a closed market, meaning that distributors will only give each film to one theater in town at a time. Vinegar Hill had been the last remaining locally owned screen in the area. The other 20 first-run screens are all owned by Regal Cinemas, the largest movie theater chain in the country (by a significant margin), leaving Vinegar Hill in the tough situation of being a small business competing against a national one for the same products.