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Sara Ratcliffe wants to increase access to healthcare and other family supports

After a career of political advocacy and campaign work for state-level legislators, Greene County resident Sara Ratcliffe is seeking to represent Virginia’s 58th district in the House of Delegates.  In challenging longtime Republican incumbent, Del. Rob Bell, Ratcliffe, a democrat, explained that she has her own political experience she can bring to the table.  After […]

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Dr. Ben Moses to focus on healthcare, climate and economy

University of Virginia Health System critical care doctor and anesthesiologist, Ben Moses, has spent more than a year caring for patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic and has seen the weight fellow medical professionals carry in doing so. It, in part, has inspired him to vie for Virginia’s 59th district in the House of Delegates. “It’s […]

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Charlottesville City Council Candidate Questionnaire

Below is a candidate questionnaire for Charlottesville’s city council contenders — independent candidate Yas Washington and democrats Juandiego Wade and Brian Pinkston. Election Day is Nov. 2 and early voting begins Sep. 17. Other election information can be found at Virginia Department of Elections Citizen Portal. To learn more about other local and state candidates, […]

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Mayor Nikuyah Walker opens up about her agonizing decision to drop out of the City Council race — ‘It’s really taken a toll on me.’

Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker had tears in her eyes Wednesday morning while discussing her decision to withdraw from this year’s City Council race. In an interview with Charlottesville Tomorrow over Zoom she confirmed the news she’d posted to her personal Facebook page a few minutes prior, that she had signed and submitted the official paperwork […]

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‘We need a leader effective at building relationships’ — City manager announces search for Police Chief Brackney’s replacement

Two days after firing Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney with no explanation, City Manager Chip Boyles announced a national search for her replacement and indicated the ability to build relationships was a reason for her departure. Boyles expressed support for Brackney’s work to reform the department and for an Aug. 20 unsigned news release that he […]

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No answer on why Charlottesville Police Chief Brackney was fired

Wednesday evening, a brief news release indicated that Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney had been fired. No explanation was given. On Thursday, Charlottesville Tomorrow asked City Manager Chip Boyles, Assistant Police Chief James Mooney and the city’s director of communications, Brian Wheeler, why the chief had been terminated.  No answers were relayed. “This is sounding […]

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Charlottesville city manager fires police chief

Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney has been fired. City Manager Chip Boyles announced Wednesday evening that he had terminated Brackney’s employment contract in a brief statement, saying only that he is looking for “new leadership direction in the department.” “We will start the search for our next Chief immediately,” said Boyles in the statement. “We […]

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What are the hottest Charlottesville neighborhoods? The city is creating a heat map that could inform climate policies for years

Local government is collecting temperature data from around the city that will show what many people already know — some areas of town are hotter than others. On Aug. 24, local volunteers drove or biked around designated routes in Charlottesville with devices to capture heat and humidity data. The collected data could help confirm what locals […]

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Charlottesville’s Police Civilian Review Board sent an ordinance outlining its powers to the City Council. Here’s what’s next.

A yearslong process to establish an operational Police Civilian Review Board in Charlottesville is at a new “step one” because new powers outlined in state law are not yet in the hands of the board.  Earlier this month, the PCRB approved an ordinance that can grant the board subpoena and investigatory power along with the […]

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Independent police association criticizes police chief; city replies by lambasting police units, officers

The Charlottesville police department lambasted some officers for “disturbing behaviors” in a city-issued press release Friday evening, following accusations of poor leadership and criticisms from a Police Benevolent Association-conducted survey.  The 17-question survey conducted by the Central Virginia PBA indicated a loss of faith and morale within the department by many of its 64 respondents. […]