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Soundboard: COVID-19 reaches central Virginia

Related Articles: Special: Ongoing COVID-19 coverage Community Commentary/Opinion: You can be a good neighbor and a global citizen during the COVID-19 crisis UVa doctors emphasize social distancing in wake of local COVID-19 diagnosis Soundboard: COVID-19 reaches central Virginia Credit: WTJU This week on Soundboard, we cover the issue that has changed all of our lives […]

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UVa classes to remain online the remainder of the semester; Final Exercises canceled

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Virginia on Tuesday night announced that all classes will be held online for the remainder of the academic year and the original plan for Final Exercises has been canceled. “We do not make this decision lightly, as we know how disappointing it will be to […]

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Hydraulic-29 has been reconfigured. But that doesn’t mean the underpass project is dead.

Although the Virginia Department of Transportation recently made changes to the intersection of Hydraulic Road and U.S. 29, this isn’t the end of the long and winding road toward finding a way to unlock the periodically jammed crossroads.As of the most recent traffic count, in 2018, about 28,000 vehicles traveled on Hydraulic Road between the […]

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The Rundown: Public hearings on 999 E. Rio, Albemarle budget on the Board of Supervisors agenda

A development on a congested part of Rio Road that garnered opposition from residents of neighboring Dunlora is expected to come before the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors during the evening portion of its Wednesday meeting. Additionally, the board is slated take its first official look at the county’s fiscal year 2021 budget. The corner […]

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Now that the disproportionate minority contact report has been released, what’s next?

The Charlottesville area’s disproportionate minority contact study, possibly the first of its kind in the nation, verified an overall sense that African Americans are overrepresented in the criminal justice system in proportion to their population and that there are disparities in outcomes within the system. In City Hall, Kaki Dimock, director of human services, is […]

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A poster on slavery was put up for the second year in a row at Albemarle’s Cale Elementary. Officials said they took it down for being controversial.

Fifth-grader Simon Gewirtz said he doesn’t think the removal of a poster from his school, Cale Elementary, was the right decision. “I want them to put the poster back up,” the 10-year-old said Wednesday afternoon as his mother picked him up. “We cannot do anything about history,” he added. “You cannot ignore it. … It’s […]

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On the Record: Charlene Green on the eve of her Office of Human Rights departure

Charlene Green is set to step into her new role as deputy director of the Piedmont Housing Alliance. Here path there led through several roles in the Charlottesville area, including the city of Charlottesville’s Office of Human Rights, where she has served as manager since 2015.Before her job transition, Green sat down with Charlottesville Tomorrow […]