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Housing voucher programs are integral to housing affordability. Here’s how they work locally.

Housing remains a hot topic of discussion in both Albemarle County and the city of Charlottesville as both localities work through the housing components of their respective comprehensive plan updates, which include developing plans and policies for how to create not just more housing, but more affordable — and deeply affordable at that — housing […]

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Albemarle nears firearms ban on county property, draws protest

Ahead of Wednesday’s Albemarle County Board of Supervisors meeting, a crowd of more than 100 gathered outside the County Office Building on McIntire Road to rally against a proposed gun ordinance that would prohibit the carrying of guns, ammunition or parts in public parks, buildings and recreation centers owned by the county. Steve Harvey, a 2022 […]

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Is starting a stop the beginning of the end for Greyhound service in Charlottesville? Not quite yet

Over the past couple of weeks, community members have been surprised and befuddled to see groups of luggage-toting people on the Ridge Street sidewalk near the Music Resource Center. Recently — though it is not clear exactly when — the Greyhound bus station on West Main Street closed, and the company replaced it with a […]