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From this long-neglected cemetery in the heart of Charlottesville, a handful of volunteers are unearthing stories of Charlottesville’s Black forebears

Robert King walked thoughtfully across the grass, his leather loafers making little sound as he headed toward a place he knew well.“ Look at this, come over here,” said King, who has walked this path many times, first as a boy with his father, and most recently in his work with the Preservers of the […]

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These are the lingering issues decision makers say they want to resolve before they approve the Future Land Use Map

Tuesday’s five-hour Charlottesville planning commission work session on the Future Land Use Map ended with both planning commissioners and city councilors agreeing on a general consensus: We’re getting there. But there’s still work to do. The comprehensive plan update has been a yearslong process, one that is years overdue, city councilor Michael Payne pointed out […]

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What will happen to Charlottesville’s auction block site on which humans were bought and sold? That building is now for sale.

On a hot and hazy afternoon smack dab in the middle of September, Jalane Schmidt stood on a brick sidewalk in Court Square, her gaze cast downward. “These are so fresh,” she said with delight, gesturing with open palms at more than half a dozen vases of fresh flowers placed on the sidewalk. Pink roses, […]

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‘I’d do it all over again.’ Former Iraqi translator talks about his desire to continue serving the United States now that he’s here

This is the fourth installment of a multi-part series, in Razul’s own words, as told to Erin O’Hare. Catch up on the first, second, and third parts.Tony Razul has done well for himself since arriving in the United States — and in Charlottesville — in 2009. As he noted in the previous installment of his […]

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Mayor Nikuyah Walker opens up about her agonizing decision to drop out of the City Council race — ‘It’s really taken a toll on me.’

Charlottesville Mayor Nikuyah Walker had tears in her eyes Wednesday morning while discussing her decision to withdraw from this year’s City Council race. In an interview with Charlottesville Tomorrow over Zoom she confirmed the news she’d posted to her personal Facebook page a few minutes prior, that she had signed and submitted the official paperwork […]

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Breaking: Charlottesville city Mayor Nikuyah Walker will not seek reelection

Mayor Nikuyah Walker announced this morning that she has withdrawn from the current city council race and she will not seek a second term on council.In a Facebook post announcing her decision, Walker alleged that in-fighting and racism within city government, as well as her need to take care of herself, are among her reasons […]

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Former translator for U.S. troops in Iraq talks about resettling in a place he’d never heard of — Charlottesville

This is the third installment of a multi-part series, in Razul’s own words, as told to Erin O’Hare. Catch up on the first and second parts. After growing up in a poor family in Iraq, teaching himself English, and doing life-threatening work as a translator for United States Army and allied troops in Iraq, Tony […]

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Citizens, planning commissioners, city councilors continue to clash over contested vision for city’s future as suggested in the draft future land use map

This story has been updated with more information on when the Planning Commission and City Council are expected to vote on recommending and adopting, respectively, the comprehensive plan. A five and a half hour Planning Commission work session Tuesday night proved that the Future Land Use Map remains the most contentious part of the City […]

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