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Brielle Entzminger
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Brielle Entzminger is a rising fourth-year at the University of Virginia. She is majoring in Media Studies and American Studies along with a minor in French. Though she is a native of Triangle, Virginia, Brielle greatly enjoys living in Charlottesville, where she started her work in journalism. During her first and second years of college, Brielle served as a columnist for the Life section of the Cavalier Daily, U.Va.’s leading newspaper. In the summer of 2017, she became a Content Writer Intern for the Rush Hour Daily, an online newspaper, and a Social Media Intern for Treasure Trove Jewelers, a fine jewelry retailer located in Washington, D.C. She later joined the Cavalier Daily’s copyediting section during the fall semester of her third year at U.Va., as well as interned for the editorial department of Ivy Publications, LLC, a niche publisher in Charlottesville. Outside of class, Brielle loves volunteering, reading, and dancing. She is also fond of traveling, which led her to study abroad in Lyon, France, during the spring semester of 2018. While she is happy to be back in the USA and to work at Charlottesville Tomorrow as a News Intern and Emma Bowen Foundation fellow, she truly enjoyed her time in France and hopes to return there soon.

What makes Charlottesville-Albemarle special to you?

It did not take long for Charlottesville to become my second home. Its friendly people and beautiful landscape helped me feel comfortable and at ease during my first semester at the University of Virginia. I also love that, while it is a small town, there are so many things to see and do. From picking apples at Carter’s Mountain to taking photos at IX Art Park to simply walking along the Downtown Mall, there is something for just about every interest!

Most looking forward to about working at Charlottesville Tomorrow?

As a U.Va. student, I am closed off from certain parts of Charlottesville. I am almost always on U.Va. Grounds or at places close to it, such as the Corner. All of my friends are other students, so I do not meet and talk to Charlottesville residents very often. I, in turn, only experience the town from a student perspective. Working at Charlottesville Tomorrow, I would like to break that barrier and learn more about life outside of U.Va. I am most interested in writing about the experiences of Charlottesville’s minority communities, giving a platform to voices who are often silenced.

Ultimate Charlottesville Saturday? 

My ultimate Charlottesville Saturday would begin with a fun dance workshop at the Athletic Fitness Center run by the University Dance Club. I would later grab a delicious meal to-go at one of my favorite restaurants on the Corner, such as Got Dumplings or Roots, and eat it on the Lawn with friends. While I have not been yet, I would love to visit one of the local wineries or breweries for a tasting. The day would end with a girls’ night out!

Favorite arts and culture venue in Charlottesville and away from Charlottesville?

I must admit that I am not very familiar with the arts and culture scene in Charlottesville. I, however, have a passion for dance and greatly enjoy performing with my dance club at Old Cabell Hall (fall semester) and at the Paramount Theater (spring semester). Away from Charlottesville, I love watching Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performances, usually in Washington, D.C. 

Most interesting trip away from Charlottesville? 

In the spring of 2018, I studied abroad in Lyon, France, and was fortunately able to travel to numerous European countries throughout the semester. I visited Germany, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, and Greece, in addition to several cities in France. While I loved every country I visited, I must say that Greece was my favorite. From its rich history to gorgeous beaches, it is a place I most definitely want to visit again!

What’s still on your bucket list?

There is so much of the world left to see! I would love to travel around Europe again, this time focusing on its eastern side. I also want to visit several Asian countries, such as Japan and Thailand, and African countries, like Morocco and Egypt. I have friends from Panama, Honduras, and Colombia, so I would love to go there with them one day. There are several places in the USA I have yet to visit as well, Orlando, Florida, being on the top of my list. Believe it or not, I still have not been to Disney World!