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News Intern
Noah Zeidman
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News Intern - Summer 2016

Noah Zeidman is an undergraduate at the University of Virginia majoring in English and music. He is originally from Skokie, Illinois. He is one of the editors of Arts & Entertainment for the Cavalier Daily, a student newspaper at UVa. He also works as a DJ for the WXTJ student radio station and helps run Corner Indie Fest, a non-profit startup music festival. In his free time he enjoys making music, reading, and cooking.

What makes Charlottesville-Albemarle special to you?
The variety: there’s always a cool concert to attend, a café to hang out in, an interesting restaurant to try. I also love being able to access locally-grown produce and locally-made baked goods. I sometimes feel very caught up in the UVa bubble, so it’s nice to be close to the vibrant and multi-faceted broader Charlottesville community. 

Most looking forward to about working at Charlottesville Tomorrow?
Getting more in touch with local issues and concerns, and hopefully getting to experience even more of what Charlottesville has to offer.

Ultimate Charlottesville Saturday?
Having lunch at Ace Biscuit & Barbecue, hanging out in one of UVa’s gardens, and having dinner at Taste of India on the Downtown Mall. Eating is obviously my true favorite pastime. 

Favorite arts and culture venue in Charlottesville and away from Charlottesville?
In Charlottesville, I love the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. The intimate performance area and eclectic range of artists make every show a unique experience. I’ve never been disappointed by a Tea Bazaar show, from ultra-loud rock bands with five guitarists to minimalist electronic solo artists to avant-garde percussionists. I’m also a huge fan of their teas. Back home I’ve seen some outstanding concerts and plays at the iconic Chicago Theater.

Most interesting trip away from Charlottesville?
I always like visiting my older brother in Boston, and I especially enjoy exploring the Cambridge area.

What’s still on your bucket list?
Recording and producing a full album of original music. Traveling west of the Mississippi River, particularly to Portland, Oregon and Glacier National Park.