Brandy Garbaccio, Crozet Elementary

Brandy Garbaccio, 5th Grade Teacher, Crozet Elementary School
What has your classroom experience taught you that studying education could not have prepared you for? 
It is rewarding to witness students applying newfound skills with confidence. That confidence would not be possible without a classroom climate of acceptance. Setting the proper classroom tone on the first day of school and beyond makes all of the difference. 
What teaching adjustments do you plan to make moving forward?
I found strong success with student collaboration. Students enjoy sharing what they know and what better way to learn than to work with one’s peers? I hope to allow for more collaborative opportunities moving forward. 
In your eyes, what is the biggest challenge facing education currently?
Technology in the classroom is remarkable. Our biggest challenge as educators is to keep up with the latest interests of our students. Ideally, various technological devices should be equally accessible to every student. It is our job to help guide students to respect and utilize these technological tools in a constructive, positive manner. 
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