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Sacajawea statue still in limbo after descendants say they want ‘generational’ control over monument

The Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center’s proposal to take the city’s statue of explorers Sacajawea, Merriweather Lewis and William Clark seemed a done deal at Monday’s Council meeting. But a hiccup emerged when Sacajawea’s descendants requested they be granted indefinite control over the statue. Rose Ann Abrahamson – a descendant of Sacajawea – tried to […]

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‘Stonewall’ Jackson statue is heading to California to become the centerpiece of a historically contextualizing art exhibit

While Charlottesville’s monument of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee is set to be melted down and transformed into new local art, Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson will be sent to California.  At its Monday meeting, Charlottesville City Council voted for LAXART, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit arts organization, to take the bronze relic. The organization plans to […]

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PHOTOS: Local teachers unions rally in support of collective bargaining

On Monday, local chapters of the Virginia Education Association, which is a union of teachers and school staff, held a demonstration downtown in support of allowing school and other public employees to engage in collective bargaining. The state recently lifted the ban on such collective bargaining that had been in place for decades. TeacherRally_MK01 TeacherRally_MK02 […]

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Charlottesville’s Statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee will be melted down

Charlottesville City Council has voted to donate its statue of Robert E. Lee to the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center.  The vote came after midnight Tuesday during a meeting in which Council also opted to postpone its vote on the city’s remaining two removed statues — that of Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson as […]

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City Council will discuss the final disposition of Charlottesville’s Confederate statues during its Monday meeting

Charlottesville City Councilors expect to discuss the fate of the city’s two removed Confederate monuments and the statue of Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea during Council’s Monday meeting. According to the agenda posted Thursday, Council will have a first reading toward “approving the disposition of statues: Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, and Sacajawea-Lewis-Clark ‘Their […]

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Interim City Manager Marc Woolley withdraws from the position; Council considers ‘contracting with a firm for interim services’

Charlottesville’s new interim city manager has withdrawn from the position shortly before he was set to begin with no explanation as to why.  The city is considering entering into a contract with a firm to provide interim city manager services ahead of a planned spring 2022 search for a permanent manager, Councilor Heather Hill said […]

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UPDATE: Charlottesville officials have not responded to Brackney’s demand for a $3 million settlement over her September termination

Charlottesville’s former Police Chief RaShall Brackney gave the city a Friday deadline to pay her $3 million in damages or she said she would sue for wrongful termination. That deadline has now passed and her lawyer said he’s received no response from city officials.  “[The city] has not reached out to my office in any […]

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Former City Manager Tarron Richardson’s lawsuit against Charlottesville a “last resort” to lift restraints on free speech over his departure

Former City Manager Tarron Richardson is suing the city of Charlottesville in a free speech case, after his lawyer said he attempted to resolve issues privately.  After resigning in September of last year and saying the job “takes a toll,” he now has more to say. In his lawsuit, he alleges that a non-disparagement agreement […]

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Charlottesville’s SWAT team was disbanded for ’disturbing behavior,’ but there’s still funding for it if a new chief wants to reinstate it

Former Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney disbanded the city’s SWAT team this summer, but it’s now uncertain whether the specialized law enforcement unit will remain dissolved. Brackney has accused the department of secretly planning to reinstate the specialty. “They’ve immediately rolled back my reforms and covertly have been reassembling the disbanded SWAT team through secret […]