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Walker selected as Charlottesville’s next Mayor after public discussion

The first person to be elected as Charlottesville’s first independent City Councilor since 1948 has also become the city’s first female African-American mayor. “The journey getting here for me personally was pretty intense,” said Nikuyah Walker, who received 7,926 votes in the November election.  “Luckily I had a broad range of support.” After a long […]

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Citizen speed cameras turn focus to 10th and Page neighborhood

Members of an advisory panel charged with recommending infrastructure projects for one Charlottesville neighborhood have turned to citizen-built technology to challenge the city’s denial of a traffic-calming project at the intersection of 10th and Page streets. “I’ve been a resident on 10th Street for 36 years and my experience with speeding is that it’s a […]

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City Council approves rental assistance program

Dozens of Charlottesville families with low incomes may soon find themselves in an apartment or house subsidized by a new $900,000 rental assistance program approved by City Council on Monday. The program will be run by the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority as a supplement to its federal housing choice voucher program. Councilors discussed the […]

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Local Government Arts Support is Smart Economic Development Policy

I was pleased to see in your December 21 article that the City is considering an arts administrator position (“Charlottesville to study arts administrator, architect positions”). It’s good to know that this discussion, which has been off-track for too long, is finally back online. Our localities need to be serious about the arts, not because […]

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Rose Hill residents speak out against Booker Street rezoning

The Charlottesville Planning Commission heard a litany of voices Tuesday urging denial of a rezoning that would allow a three-story structure at 624 Booker St. to operate as a three-unit apartment building. “The integrity of the building that has already been built on Booker Street does not reflect the community at all,” said Pastor George […]

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Charlottesville School Board seeks SOL flexibility from Richmond

  The Charlottesville School Board wants some students to receive greater flexibility when determining whether or not they have passed select state-mandated Standards of Learning exams. Students who are English Language Learners should be given credit accommodations when their test scores fall just below passing, the School Board told Del. David J. Toscano, D-Charlottesville, and […]