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A conversation with millennial City Council and Board of Supervisors candidates

Charlottesville Tomorrow sat down with a Charlottesville City Council candidate and an Albemarle County Board of Supervisors candidate to discuss how the two governments could enhance collaboration and share insights as the youngest candidates in local races. Responses have been edited for clarity Charlotte Rene Woods: Run For Something is an organization that supports new […]

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General Assembly OKs bills to address housing and eviction issues

RICHMOND — A flurry of bills addressing affordable housing and high eviction rates in Virginia cities moved forward in the state’s House and Senate last week. Three bills on those issues have passed both chambers and have been sent to Gov. Ralph Northam to be signed into law. Several other measures have passed one chamber […]

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Rooker to head review of Cale Elementary name

Dennis S. Rooker, a former Albemarle County supervisor, has been appointed to lead a committee reviewing the namesake of Cale Elementary School, county schools Superintendent Matt Haas recently announced. Scrutiny of former Superintendent Paul H. Cale began in October when a presentation on the educational experience of African-Americans in Albemarle referenced a 1956 magazine article […]

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Months after renaming comments, Cale’s Albemarle schools legacy still unclear

Late in the evening on Oct. 18, the then-chairwoman of the Albemarle County School Board urged her colleagues to make a decision that she said couldn’t wait. After learning about a 1956 article in Commentary magazine that ascribed racist statements to former Albemarle schools Superintendent Paul H. Cale, the namesake of Cale Elementary School, the […]

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Council requests fiscal feasibility study for public housing

Related Articles: The Charlottesville City Council wants to see the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority’s larger plan for public housing redevelopment. On Monday, the council voted unanimously to release $908,249 in already appropriated funds to new uses required by the housing authority. In exchange, the council asked that some of the funding go towards a […]