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Companies partner to feed first responders and hospital staff

While various first responders are working hard to take care of the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, some local organizations have banded together to help take care of them. #FeedTheFrontLine was formed earlier this week to deliver meals to area hospitals and offer a free drive-thru pickup for other local first responders such as emergency […]

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Paycheck Protection Program of the CARES Act aims to help small businesses help their employees

Related Articles: What the U.S. Senate’s stimulus package means for Charlottesville Business owners ponder their futures as governor ratchets up restrictions Special: Ongoing COVID-19 coverage Recently, Congress passed a $2 trillion legislative package aimed at helping individuals, businesses and the health care system as the entire nation grapples with the global COVID-19 pandemic. Signed into […]

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Groups work to support local farms and access to food during COVID-19

Related Articles: Special: Ongoing COVID-19 coverage How to help restaurants at their worst moment Food justice network seeks to reverse decline of neighborhood groceries Nonprofit organization Local Food Hub has partnered with several local farms for a weekly drive-through farmers market. It also has coordinated with the Food Justice Network to incorporate fresh fruits and […]

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The Cavalier Daily: UVa contracted Aramark workers laid off without severance, notice amid COVID-19 facility closures

By Mackenzie Williams  University Dining workers were laid off by Aramark — a University dining service provider — when their workplaces were shuttered during the University’s transition to long-term online learning. All dining facilities — with the exception of Observatory Hill Dining Hall — shut down March 17 as part of the University’s operational plan. Food services […]

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Community Commentary/Opinion: Commonsense approach during COVID-19 pandemic includes paid sick days for restaurant workers

The best deterrent to coronavirus is common sense. One of the virus’s most powerful accelerants is forcing people to expose themselves to the virus to avoid dire consequences, such as eviction. Many people are swayed from the commonsense approach to ignore the obvious while putting their faith in relatively ineffective techniques. Food handling, especially in […]

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Community Commentary/Opinion: Open letter to landlords from Cville Community Cares asks for a waiver of rent during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Landlords of the City of Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Nelson and Orange: We are living in unprecedented times, and successfully containing and getting through this pandemic will require unprecedented responses from all of us. As landlords, you have a unique and critically important way to contribute to the […]

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Community Commentary/Opinion: Group speaks against ‘overly broad calls for total closures’

Recently the mayor and City Council have asked Gov. Ralph Northam to shut down almost all businesses in the area. We in the restaurant, lodging and travel industry are concerned that overly broad calls for total closures will further decimate our neighbors and the community and may not provide the solutions they are seeking. The […]

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Business owners ponder their futures as governor ratchets up restrictions

On Monday afternoon, Gov. Ralph Northam issued an executive order that orders the closure of public schools for the remainder of the school year and that certain “non-essential” businesses — including recreation and entertainment businesses and dining areas at restaurants — close for the next 30 days amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With the social distancing […]

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Photos: Scenes from Albemarle County and Charlottesville amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Restaurants and other businesses struggled to stay open or decided to close in the wake of an announced case of COVID-19 in Charlottesville. Corona_MK55 Credit: Mike Kropf/Charlottesville Tomorrow Corona_MK58 Credit: Mike Kropf/Charlottesville Tomorrow Corona_MK56 Credit: Mike Kropf/Charlottesville Tomorrow Corona_MK63 Credit: Mike Kropf/Charlottesville Tomorrow Corona_MK62 Credit: Mike Kropf/Charlottesville Tomorrow Corona_MK61 Credit: Mike Kropf/Charlottesville Tomorrow Corona_MK53 Credit: […]

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How to help restaurants at their worst moment

On what may have been the last somewhat normal Sunday afternoon in the foreseeable future, Rapture’s was one of several restaurants to remain open on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall , operating under increased sanitization protocols with a sign on the door saying, “Sanitized for your pleasure.” By Sunday evening the tone was completely different when owner […]