Charlottesville hasn’t named the 10 parties that have requested to take the city’s Confederate monuments

Charlottesville officials have yet to disclose the identities of the people and groups that expressed interest in taking the city’s now removed Confederate monuments.

Per state law, the city accepted proposals from parties interested in taking either or both the statues of Confederate Gens. Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson during a 30-day period beginning in June.

That window closed July 7. At that time, Brian Wheeler, the city’s spokesman, announced that 10 parties had expressed interest. Six were from out-of-state, four were in state. He declined to identify them.

Charlottesville Tomorrow submitted a public records request on July 7 for the statements of interest submitted to the city. On Wednesday, Wheeler responded that the city needed more time for “additional records compilation” before filling the request.

“We have a number of statue-related [Freedom of Information Act] requests and we want to ensure a complete and consistent response to all parties,” Wheeler said.

State law requires the city respond to the request by July 23.

While the Charlottesville City Council is required to collect proposals from groups and individuals that want to take the Confederate monuments, it is not required to give them to anyone.

 “The city remains open to additional expressions of interest,” Wheeler said in an email. “There is no further update at this time.”