Charlottesville shares updated draft zoning ordinance. It’s 400 pages long.

A map of a city shows it different areas colored in purples, greens and yellows.

An updated draft zoning ordinance has been released to the public for review.

It’s more than 400 pages long.

Tuesday evening, Cville Plans Together posted the updated draft ordinance, as well as a slew of related documents, to its website. 

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There’s the updated draft itself, as well as a version that shows what has changed since previous drafts. There are a few different maps, too. And there’s an eight-page community engagement report summarizing what the Cville Plans Together team heard from community members between February and June of this year.

All of the documents are on the Cville Plans Together website. Click here to peruse them.

The Planning Commission and City Council will have a joint work session about the updated draft on Tuesday, August 29.

Then, on Thursday, September 14 at 4 p.m., the Planning Commission will have a public hearing for the proposed zoning ordinance. The meeting will be held at City Hall, at 605 E. Main St. on the Downtown Mall, in the Council Chambers, and virtually via Zoom. (Find agendas here.) During that meeting, the Commission will hear comments from the public related to the proposed ordinance. 

After that, the Commission will consider whether to request changes to the draft, or to send it to City Council for the last steps in the years-long process: a hearing and a vote.

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