Charlottesville Teens Invited to Participate at “Youth Voice” Technology Conference

“Stand Up, Speak Out, Change The World!” Youth leaders from low-income households seek community funding to cover travel expenses.

Three local high-school students, Basir, Brittany, and Trevoris, are raising funds so they can join over 200 teenagers at an international leadership and technology conference in Boston, MA. The conference theme is empowering youth voice: “Stand Up, Speak Out, Change The World!” Teen Summit 2018 will take place July 31-August 5 at Boston University and will feature a college and career fair, cross-cultural activities, a tour of MIT Media Lab and many other opportunities for educational, career, and personal growth.
Basir, Brittany, and Trevoris need to raise $4,000 to cover the cost of travel and room and board and are raising funds via a GoFundMe campaign. To help them participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, click:
“I thought I would be quiet and wouldn’t make friends, but most of the time I was talking! I got out of my comfort zone. I’m glad, I made new friends. I am different now. I can see myself at Boston University one day,” reflected previous C4K attendee Niedia.
Trevoris, Brittany, and Basir will learn and grow through their participation in “tracks”, designed for youth to address current social issues through creativity and technology. During the week, they will create collaborative projects that focus on a specific content area, including animation, web design, robotics, 3D modeling, and/or video creation. The goals of the tracks are to:

● build technological skills and awareness
● strengthen leadership and teamwork skills
● foster a sense of positive social action
● increase a sense of self-efficacy

“One of the most important things C4K does is help our members imagine bigger and better possibilities for themselves. Teen Summit is a vibrant opportunity that will provide many firsts for our teens. Trevoris, Brittany and Basir will not only build hands-on fluency in technology but also become self-motivated, confident learners through gaining collaborative experiences that expand life skills and strengthen their voice as global citizens,” said Chris Florez, C4K’s Program Director.

Basir: Born in Afghanistan, he and his family relocated to Charlottesville two years ago. Basir loves making and launching rockets. He plans to be a NASA astronaut, a commercial airline pilot, or an engineer. Basir joined C4K in March 2017 and has spent over 387 hours working on complex technology projects with his mentor, peers, and solo.

Brittany: Brittany loves all things design! She is starting a video editing company and enjoys learning about graphic design. Brittany is a born networker, and her nickname “Sunshine” suits her well. Brittany joined C4K in April 2013, and has spent over 1,340 hours on project-based learning initiatives at C4K.

Trevoris: Trevoris can usually be found in C4K’s Audio Studio composing beats and making music. He is currently in high school specializing in computer networking and hardware. Trevoris joined C4K in May 2015 and has spent over 1,105 hours collaborating with mentors and peers.


100% of all donations will go to fund Basir, Brittany, and Trevoris’s trip. Anyone wishing to support or sponsor C4K youth can visit the GoFundMe campaign: . Checks can be sent, with the memo “Teen Summit” and made payable to: Computers4Kids, 945 2nd Street SE, Charlottesville, VA 22902. For more information, potential sponsors should call 434-817-1121 or visit .net.


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