Charlottesville Tomorrow wins 16 Virginia Press Association awards

Of the three Best in Show awards Charlottesville Tomorrow won at Saturday’s Virginia Press Association awards banquet, reporter Emily Hays took home two of them. Altogether, Charlottesville Tomorrow received 16 awards at the ceremony, held at the Hilton Norfolk the Main.

The newsroom received seven first-place awards. We are honored to receive this recognition and  to thank you for supporting our mission to create a better community in Charlottesville and Albemarle County.

Best in Show

  • Emily Hays, online writing
  • Emily Hays, online artwork
  • Charlottesville Tomorrow, online photography

First Place

  • Emily Hays,  feature series or continuing story, “Affordability in Charlottesville and Albemarle County”
  • Emily Hays, informational graphics, “Affordability in Northern Albemarle“
  • Elliott Robinson and Emily Hays, business and financial writing
  • Elliott Robinson and Emily Hays, in-depth or investigative reporting, “Connectivity key to Biscuit Run Park“
  • Emily Hays, government writing
  • Emily Hays, feature story writing, “Pilgrimage to being with film screening on lynching“
  • Skyclad Aerial, feature photo
A private trail runs under Interstate 64 from Biscuit Run Park towards Charlottesville. Credit: Credit: Skyclad Aerial

Second place

  • Josh Mandell, education writing
  • Emily Hays, personality or portrait photo, Wandae Johnson and Joy Johnson
Wandae Johnson (left) and Joy Johnson are the intern coordinator and board chair, respectively, of the Charlottesville Public Housing Association of Residents. Credit: Credit: Emily Hays, Charlottesville Tomorrow
  • Ézé Amos, feature photo, Adventure Farm
Pumpkin patch at Adventure Farm. Credit: Credit: Ézé Amos

Third Place

  • Emily Hays, feature writing portfolio
  • Josh Mandell and Emily Hays, general news writing
  • Bryauna Kralik, online video, Yancey Elementary School: The Transition