Charlottesville visual artist expresses fluent creative with a live-mix projection mapping in Emancipation Park

Charlottesville, Virginia, August 3, 2017—Visual artist, Jeff Dobrow  will demonstrate creative fluency with a live-mix projection mapping in Emancipation Park.  Jeff  Dobrow (Doc  Jim) will illuminate the park with 12,000 lumens. The hour-long installation starts  at dusk on August 9, 2017.

The Emancipation Park mapping, which has had to take the backseat to other projects, was conceived over eight months ago. “The intent was to light up the park and create a visually unique environment.” Said Jeff Dobrow, Visual Artist, and Partner at nectar integrated creative company.

The concept encompasses mixing 2D and 3D animation in real time,  partnering with music and the natural space to effect something extraordinary. It’s collaboration with nature.

“The decision to map in the park was inspired by my friends.” Said Jeff Dobrow,  Visual Artist, and Partner at nectar integrated creative company. “I was rehearsing a mapping near the park in the middle of the night—as  usual—and a few friends just asked I would map the park.”

Projection mapping, video mapping or augmented spatial reality, simplified, is turning objects (like  buildings, walls or ceilings) into a display surface for (video) projection. Although projection mapping has surged internationally and is now  gaining momentum in the United States, its history can be traced back to 1969 with the opening of the Haunted Mansion  ride at Disneyland (as noted on the website ).


About  Jeff Dobrow

Jeff Dobrow  is a visual artist focusing on experiential and interactive visual art—specifically 2D/3D animation, mixed media,  live mixing, projection mapping and virtual reality. With plans for larger scale work in the future, Jeff Dobrow  continues to leverage his involvement with nectar integrated creative company as a springboard for artistic and creative technology R&D (in nectar’s FlowLab). Jeff Dobrow  teaches motion design and is currently looking for opportunities to lead a small virtual reality educational initiative for children.