Charlottesville Democrats set May 9 date to select two candidates for City Council

The Charlottesville Democratic Party will hold an “unassembled caucus,” changing the way it selects its candidates for City Council and other races. Voters will have ten hours to stop by Burley Middle School on Saturday, May 9, 2009 to nominate two candidates for Council as well as candidates for City Sheriff, Treasurer, Commissioner of Revenue and Commonwealth’s Attorney.  In the past, the party has held a nominating convention or mass meeting requiring voters to sign-in, listen to candidate speeches, then vote and remain until all ballots have been counted and the candidate selections finalized.

The polls will be open from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  In addition, there will be two periods in which voters can cast absentee ballots. Voting is open to any registered voter in Charlottesville who is willing to sign a “certification” that pledges support of “the principles of the Democratic Party”  according to a press release from the party. The pledge goes on to require primary voters to not support any candidate who is not a Democrat in the general election.

There are three declared candidates in the race. Incumbents Dave Norris and

Julian Taliaferro

have announced their plans for re-election. Newcomer

Kristin Szakos

has also launched her campaign for the nomination. Anyone else interested in running as a Democrat for City Council has until March 27, 2009 to file with the City registrar’s office.  City Republicans have not yet scheduled a nominating caucus and no Republican candidates have entered the race.  Independent candidates have until June 9th to submit candidate paperwork and petition signatures.

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Sean Tubbs and Brian Wheeler