Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville (DBAC) Statement on the Weekend

The Downtown Business Association of Charlottesville would like to thank everyone who helped to make this weekend safe and peaceful. None of us knew what to expect, and each chose how to address the weekend, but in the end, it was something we can all be grateful for.
Many thanks to all the people who stopped in stores to shop or to just say hi and be supportive, to those who came down to dine as a way of standing with the restaurants who stayed open, providing a cool place to rest and get some water. Walking on the streets on Saturday, it felt like many old friends had returned to the mall to show how much they care and the warmth and love were palpable. Thanks to the volunteers who came around to offer water and snacks to both the police and the merchants manning their stores. To all the officers both on the streets and behind the scenes. To the City, County, State and University of Virginia for all the effort that went into making sure this was a safe weekend. And especially to every merchant who chose to be open on the 11th, not knowing what they would face. And we are pleased that they found a glorious day that celebrated Charlottesville.
We invite everyone to come back downtown this week and next weekend to say “hi” and be a part of this glorious community. All are invited to the Jefferson Theater on Friday, August 17 for a dance party featuring Vibe Riot following Fridays After Five, tickets are $5 and door prizes provided by Downtown merchants. On Saturday afternoon, musicians from The Front Porch will be performing in front of The Paramount, Mudhouse, and Violet Crown theater for free. We’d love to see you.