Hi! It’s Emily, your faithful real estate and urban planning reporter. I have some personal news to announce: I’m moving to Connecticut to join the staff at another online news nonprofit, the New Haven Independent. The move is good for me professionally, as it’s a chance to learn new skills as a community reporter in a very different community. It is also a good move for me personally because it allows me to reunite with the partner I have been long-distance with for two years.

Charlotte Woods (left), Elliott Robinson (right) and I celebrate Charlottesville Tomorrow’s wins at the Virginia Press Association awards this May. Credit: Credit: Virginia Press Association Credit: Credit: Virginia Press Association

Luckily, I am leaving my beat in excellent hands. Starting this Friday, our government and climate reporter, Charlotte Woods, is taking over the Development Digest and other land use news. Charlotte has a background in real estate reporting from the Richmond BizSense and has been scouting out vacant parking lots and other redevelopment projects to tell you about in the coming months. Feel free to introduce yourself! Her email is cwoods@cvilletomorrow.orgCharlottesville is my hometown. My parents live here, as do many of my closest friends. I am grateful that Charlottesville Tomorrow gave me the chance two years ago to get to know many of you and grow into a journalist I am proud to be.  Some of my favorite articles from the past few months:

See you again sometime! Please do stay in touch on Twitter, Facebook or on my personal email emily.ewing.hays@gmail.com

I’ve been lucky to have some very cool coworkers at Charlottesville Tomorrow. Here we were helping education reporter Billy Jean Louis (center back) sell Haitian cuisine at the Postive Kulture Festival in July. Credit: Credit: Emily Hays/Charlottesville Tomorrow Credit: Credit: Emily Hays/Charlottesville Tomorrow

Emily Hays grew up in Charlottesville and graduated from Yale in 2016. She covered growth, development, and affordable living. Before writing for Charlottesville Tomorrow, she produced a podcast on education and caste in Maharashtra, India.