The Gleason Condos

Illustration: The Gleason,

At the

Charlottesville Planning Commission

meeting tonight, it is expected that

The Gleason

condominium project will be approved for construction near the intersection of Garrett Street and Second Street SE.

There is no public hearing on this project because it is a by-right development.  The plan calls for 71 luxury condominiums in a six-story L-shaped building wrapped around the old Gleasons building and adjacent to the new ACAC athletic facility.

Buildings up to nine stories are allowed by-right in this part of downtown Charlottesville


According to the staff report, the project is before the Planning Commission at the discretion of Jim Tolbert, the City’s Director of Neighborhood Development Services, “based on the size and impact to the surrounding area.”

Update 11/21/06:

At the meeting on 11/14/06, the Charlottesville Planning Commission unanimously approved The Gleason condominium project.

Brian Wheeler