Here’s how you can watch 2023 Central Virginia election results come in live

A sign reads "Vote Here" in front of other signs, brick building.

Polls in Virginia close at 7 p.m. Tuesday night, and from that moment, and for the next few days results will be coming in.

The Virginia Department of Elections will publish these results in real time, as they arrive from precincts around the state. To view them, head to this link. These are unofficial results until they are certified.

There’s lots of different information on the site. If you’re interested in a specific race, there’s a search bar just below the map where you can easily locate it. If you’d just like to see how your locality voted on all the races on your ballot, head to the map, or the dropdown menu just below, and click on the city or county where you live.

The results of some races will be tallied more quickly than others. And, with so many local races this year, registrars are warning voters not to expect them too quickly. Read more about that from WRIC in Richmond.

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