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VIDEO: Jeff Speck's visit to Charlottesville
Brian Wheeler | Monday, September 08, 2014 at 7:05 p.m.

City planner and urban designer Jeff Speck is a leading expert on how communities around the country can become more livable, walkable and economically viable.  Speck was the featured speaker at Charlottesville Tomorrow's 2014 Community Conversation held at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center on Sept. 4.

About 210 people attended the event last Thursday including a large contingent of faculty and students from the University of Virginia School of Architecture.

What would make C'ville, 29 North, or Crozet or Scottsville more walkable? We are interested in hearing your reactions to this video.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think others should hear more about, and leave the rough time stamp of the specific video segment so we can all find it!

For example, late in the presentation (1:02:37), Jeff Speck shares his thoughts on the West Main Streetscape.  At right is his sketch of one alternative (bottom half of illustration) which includes a buffered bicycle lane, on street parallel parking on both sides, and an option for those parking spaces to be converted to cafe seating should an owner request it.

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