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Where Are the Crozet Trails?
Crozet Gazette Friday, May 06, 2016 at noon
One of the most common questions the Crozet Trails Crew hears is “Where are the trails?” Maps of the trails are available on our web site (click on “Find a Trail,” then “Trails by City” and “Trails Near Crozet”). But let’s be simple and just go through the access points to the trails.
In order for a trail to be considered “public,” it needs to be on public property (or a public trail easement) and there needs to be an access point that includes public parking. If the public trail segment does not include a public access point, it is considered semi-private and is only accessible by the properties that are adjacent to the trail segment. When you look at the map, look for green trail segments that are adjacent to a “P” in a blue circle (indicates a parking area).

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