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Growth spurt: the past and future collide in Crozet
Downtown Crozet, March 21, 2016
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Credit: Ryan Kelly / Daily Progress
Downtown Crozet
C-VILLE Weekly Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 10 a.m.
The four-and-a-half square-mile community of Crozet—or Wayland’s Crossing, as it was called 140 years ago—was renamed in 1870 in honor of Colonel Claudius Crozet, a French immigrant who constructed the area’s Blue Ridge Tunnel, which was the longest tunnel in the United States at that time.
But a lot has happened since that infrastructural feat in 1856, and while some residents insist that the living’s still easy in “quiet” and “quirky” Crozet, others think poor Claudius is likely turning over in his grave (or at least flabbergasted that it took six years to build a sidewalk on Crozet Avenue).
So here’s a look at how things were, how things are and how things may soon be.

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