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Tunnel of love: Developer accommodating love-struck salamanders
The Daily Progress Saturday, March 04, 2017 at 10 p.m.
It’s flashlight dark, cool and damp, and a froggy chorus of spring peepers is singing amphibian love songs to call spotted salamanders out of the woods and into the ponds to mate.
But the chorus goes unheeded. There is no movement in the grass. No crushed bodies of lovelorn lizards litter the pavement.
“We should be seeing a flood of salamanders crossing the road, but I don’t see any,” says Devin Floyd, as his strap-on LED headlamp shines on the shoulder of Polo Grounds Road near the U.S. 29 intersection.
“If there were any left in the woods, we’d have hundreds crossing the street right now,” he says. “I guess they all made their run yesterday.”

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