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Police, Crozet groups team up for new skate park
The Daily Progress Sunday, July 23, 2017 at 6 p.m.

A bored teenager will always find something to do — either constructive or destructive. But with a newly planned skate park in Crozet, young skaters soon could have a place of their own creation.

When a group of young teens was caught setting small fires and painting graffiti at the former location of Barnes Lumber a few months ago, police and fire investigators didn’t see malicious future criminals. Instead, they saw a need to help young people develop a sense of community.

Not wanting the teenagers to go through the court system, Albemarle County police Officer Andy Gluba instead sought a way to help the young skaters build their own skate park in Crozet. Little did he know, Sk8Crozet — a group dedicated to making Crozet a more skater-friendly place — also was interested in creating a park.

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