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Computer Security Firm CounterFlow AI, Inc., Starts Up in Crozet
Crozet Gazette Friday, September 08, 2017 at 6 p.m.
Randy Caldejon of Crozet and Peter Shaw, his partner in founding nPulse Technologies, have formed a new company that will use machine learning, also called artificial intelligence, to help protect computer networks from intruders.
Crozet-based nPulse Technologies, which developed technology that allows speedy forensic analysis of computer security breaches, was acquired in 2014 by San Jose, California-based FireEye, a leading international cyber security firm. Caldejon described nPulse’s box as similar to an airplane’s flight data recorder that helped networks know promptly when they needed to react to a threat. FireEye’s acquisition included a three-year non-compete clause that has now lapsed.
CounterFlow AI goes the next step in cyber security and directs the network to where the breach has occurred. This changes a company’s security mindset from wait-and-see about threats to search-and-destroy them.

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