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Press Release
City Announces Free Parking Downtown for the Holidays
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Submitted Press Release | City of Charlottesville | Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 1:30 p.m.

The City of Charlottesville announced today that it will provide free parking in the Market Street Parking Garage on weekends beginning Friday November, 17th and continuing through Monday January, 1st.  There will be no charge for downtown visitors to park in the garage starting at 5PM each Friday through Sunday each weekend. 

 In addition, the metered spaces surrounding the downtown mall that are currently part of the City's parking meter pilot will also be available at no cost, seven days a week, beginning Friday November, 17th and continuing through Monday January, 1st. The two hour time restriction indicated on signage at these spaces will still apply. Visitors staying longer than 2 hours are encouraged to use the parking garage.  
The City remains committed to continuing to assess the parking meter pilot program as a tool for managing mobility in the downtown area.  The parking meter pilot, including meter enforcement, will restart on Tuesday January 2nd at 8AM.

More information about parking downtown can be found online
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