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Charlottesville police captain disputes Aug. 12 report’s findings
The Daily Progress Monday, December 04, 2017 at 10 p.m.
A captain in the Charlottesville Police Department is disputing the accuracy of quotes and assertions in a recently released report that was highly critical of how local and state officials managed a series of white nationalist rallies in the city this year.
In an email to City Manager Maurice Jones, which was forwarded to the Charlottesville City Council on Monday and then disseminated by Councilor Bob Fenwick, Capt. Victor Mitchell said he thinks the report was more of an “investigation” rather than a review to figure out “how to improve and better prepare” for potentially violent protests.
Alleging that Tim Heaphy, the former federal prosecutor the city hired to conduct the review, used a “blitz attack” in interviews with him, Mitchell said he thinks Heaphy “came into this with a preconceived outcome and directed the review to meet that end.”

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