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The Charlottesville 5: More petitions to remove city councilors
C-VILLE Weekly Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 11 a.m.
It’s extraordinarily hard to remove an elected official from office in Virginia, especially if she hasn’t been convicted of smoking pot, sexual battery or a hate crime, the offenses spelled out in state code. Nonetheless, for the second time in a year, petitioners are trying to remove a city councilor—or in this case, three city councilors.
Rise Charlottesville launched its recall last fall of all five councilors then in office. And although Kristin Szakos did not seek re-election and Bob Fenwick lost his seat in the primary, those former councilors are still on the ouster roster along with Mike Signer, Kathy Galvin and Wes Bellamy, the latter of whom whites-righter Jason Kessler unsuccessfully targeted for removal last year because of offensive tweets Bellamy made before he was in office.
Newly elected Mayor Nikuyah Walker and Vice-Mayor Heather Hill are not included in the petitions.

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