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City cites judge's militia ruling in argument against allowing anniversary rally
The Daily Progress Wednesday, July 11, 2018 at 9 p.m.

Attorneys for the city of Charlottesville are citing a lawsuit against militia groups as evidence that Jason Kessler should not be granted an injunction to allow a second Unite the Right rally to be held downtown this summer.

In March, Kessler sued the city and City Manager Maurice Jones in federal court after his permit to hold an anniversary rally was denied. The city cited public safety concerns, but Kessler said the decision violated his First Amendment right to free speech.

The lawsuit against Kessler and various militia groups was filed in Charlottesville Circuit Court by the city and local businesses in an effort to prevent such groups from returning to the city. Many of the groups named in the suit already have signed agreements stating they will not return to the city in groups of two or more, carrying weapons and acting as a militia organization.

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