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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

If you need to travel from Charlottesville to Richmond, Washington, D.C., Baltimore or New York City, you’re in luck. There’s a new bus service offering direct routes from here to those four destinations for much cheaper than other public transport options.

The new routes are offered by a European company called FlixBus, which actually just bought Greyhound. Now, Greyhound — with its 1,900 possible destinations — will continue to operate out of Charlottesville. The company said FlixBus is simply here to fill a gap in services by offering more direct routes to major cities.

A red and white bus at a curb, with people standing with suitcases nearby.
Credit: Erin O'Hare/Charlottesville Tomorrow

The European bus company that just bought Greyhound is offering a new service in Charlottesville

Charlottesville City Council hired a new executive director for its Police Civilian Oversight Board. Inez M. Gonzalez will begin May 1. You can read more about her in the city announcement here.

Since the PCOB officially formed in March 2022, it has reviewed just one case. Here’s some background.

A woman stands with other people holding signs that read, "Fully fund the PCRB."
Credit: Zack Wajsgras/Chalottesville Tomorrow

It took five years, but the board of civilians that oversees the Charlottesville Police Department has its first case

You can read about the outcome of that investigation in this C-VILLE Weekly article from late last year.

I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy this cool spring day!

Jessie Higgins, managing editor

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