Nikuyah Walker (I), candidate for Charlottesville City Council

Independent Nikuyah Walker is a candidate for Charlottesville City Council. Two of the five seats on council will be determined in the November 7 general election. Other candidates in this race include John Hall (I), Heather Hill (D), Kenneth Jackson (I), Amy Laufer (D), Paul Long (I). 

Each candidate was interviewed by Charlottesville Tomorrow and asked 10 questions about their qualifications, priorities and important quality of life issues.  Included in the box at the right are links to the full transcript and audio recording of those interviews.

Bio: My name is Nikuyah Walker. I’m a native of Charlottesville. I graduated from Charlottesville High School in 1998 and then went on to Virginia Commonwealth University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 2004.

Education: Virginia Commonwealth University BA- Political Science

Occupation: City of Charlottesville – Parks and Recreation – Rec Aide

Previous political experience: None

Age on Election Day: 37

Neighborhood or area of residence: Belmont

Family: I have three children.

Other interests and experiences: Music, Theatre and Reading. 

Telephone: (434) 882-1805




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