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Our tools for mobile news & alerts

Hyperlocal news is meant to be mapped

We have a partnership with Blockfeed (formerly known as Qork) which puts all our place-based news and events on your mobile map.  Blockfeed's applications are available for download in Apple’s App Store and on Google Play.

Your backyard, your child's school, your favorite places...

Get alerted to Charlottesville's most trusted and in-depth news at your location!

Attention REALTORS... Ever have clients who ask you what's going on behind the house they're buying? Show them your smarts with Blockfeed.

Check out Charlottesville Tomorrow's latest news and events on the Blockfeed map:

Our locally-built iPhone App

We also have our own iPhone app available in the iTunes Store and built locally by Charlottesville's WillowTree AppsClick here or just search for "Charlottesville Tomorrow."



Want to be notified of new content as soon as it happens?  We recommend IFTTT and here are some "recipes" to get you started that utilize our RSS feed.

Recipe examples

IFTTT Recipe: Charlottesville Tomorrow news keyword 'education' connects feed to email

IFTTT Recipe: New story by Charlottesville Tomorrow connects feed to email

IFTTT Recipe: There's a new story on local business startups or a tech innovation! connects feed to email