Partnering for Impact! Radio partnership with In My Humble Opinion bridges news and talk formats


Is reading the news on your phone not your thing? Maybe you’re an earphone person? Then tune into Charlottesville Tomorrow’s segment on In My Humble Opinion from 12-3 p.m. on Sundays, airing live on 101.3FM and available on Facebook and TuneIn. The show puts local news conversations into the show’s popular roundtable talk format as the community’s #1 local African American talk show hosts — Sir Charles, Max, Razor, and AAron — break down national and local issues in conversation with Charlottesville Tomorrow Executive Director Giles Morris and News Editor Elliott Robinson. 

The partnership is one example of our new way of thinking about reaching audiences with our reporting. During a community listening session at Royalty Eats in October 2019, Quinton Harrell, chair of the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce’s Minority Business Council; Charles Lewis, chair of the Black Professionals Network; and Rob Gray, co-founder of Conscious Capitalist Group, asked Charlottesville Tomorrow staff to explore ways to meet the needs of African American audiences where they were already consuming and sharing news.

In My Humble Opinion is the brainchild of Maxicelia “Max” Robinson. Max’s passion for the art of communications inspired her to learn more about the world radio and television, and in 2012, she began taking courses at the Columbia School of Broadcasting in Vienna. The IMHO Talk Show was initially created as a class project and later was incorporated into Columbia School for Broadcasting’s plans to start an internet radio program, which never came to fruition. It wasn’t until the founding of 101Jamz, the first local Hip Hop and R&B station in Charlottesville, that Max was finally able to get the show on the air. That experience led Max to think deeper about the barriers facing African American media projects.

“After developing a team and canvassing the area for what was missing in broadcast media, the show took on a community-based perspective and we worked to become a sounding board for issues that directly affected the local African American community,” Max said. “IMHO’s responsibility has been to effect positive change and its mission has always been to encourage, to enlighten, to inform and to provoke change.”

Since March 2020, Charlottesville Tomorrow and In My Humble Opinion have worked to co-create a local news segment that provided a vital role during the immediate impact of COVID-19 and continues to provoke thoughtful dialogue connecting local news to national issues, like race and policing, in conversation with local leaders, experts and callers. In May, IMHO’s Troy “Razor” Robinson joined Charlottesville Tomorrow’s Board of Directors, where he sits on the Governance Committee. The partnership has improved both organizations and offered something new and valuable to our community. Tune in on Sunday or listen on your own schedule on IMHO’s Facebook page.

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