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Dan Hennicke

Community Engagement & Marketing Specialist

Dan Hennicke joined Charlottesville Tomorrow in the summer of 2012. He is responsible for engaging the community around Charlottesville Tomorrow’s information resources in social media, weekly newsletters and special events. In addition, Dan handles our marketing projects and sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. Dan also manages the CitySpace meeting room located in Charlottesville Tomorrow’s unique Downtown Mall office.

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Dan has been a resident of Charlottesville since 2001.

Dan attended the University of Missouri where he earned a degree in Business Administration, then attended Southern Illinois University where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  In May of 2017, he received a Master of Fine Arts degree at Hollins University in Roanoke.
Dan has worked in marketing and sales for over twenty years with experience in the retail, newspaper and television industries.  He previously served as a member of the Board of Directors for First Night Virginia and as a volunteer at the Light House Studio mentoring high school students in film production.
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