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Erin O’Hare

Neighborhoods Reporter

Hello! I’m Erin, a longtime Charlottesville city resident and Charlottesville Tomorrow’s neighborhoods reporter, though it’s possible you recognize my name from years of arts and culture bylines in C-VILLE Weekly. It’s also possible that we already know one another! Where we live, how we live, and who we live in community with have an enormous effect on our day-to-day lives. I’m talking about our homes, the roads we travel, the buses we take, the water we drink, the parks where we play and relax, the histories of buildings and blocks. Charlottesville and Albemarle have a truly rich diversity of cultures, and I’m eager to help you share your stories with all of us.

I’ve never met a stranger and love to listen, so, get in touch with me at, via Twitter @erinaroo, or flag me down when you see me out and about. If you’re not already subscribed to our free newsletter, you can do that here, and we’ll let you know when there’s a fresh story for you to read. I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you.

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